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Building the Infrastructure – How to Embrace the Internet

My friend Aaron has three websites, two for each of his CD's and one for his music company. He asked my opinion of what he should do with them. He was ready to go out an plunk down a few hundred for Dreamweaver. What follows is my advice to him. It applies to anybody looking to get started with the Internet.

His Websites


Brick upon brick build dem house, mon…

This is what I would do First, Second and Third,  no money required and not a lot of time and/or energy.

  1. Don't buy Dreamweaver. (save yourself $300 and 100+ hours of learning something you don't want to do anyway)
  2. Embrace WordPress
    2a. Get a free account. This will give you a quick introduction to WordPress and get you over the slight learning curve of using it.. You'll get to see how it works and how easy it is to change themes.
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Pages, Posts, Categories, Comments and Links. It's a brave new world…
    2b. Look around at some WordPress themes. There are literally thousands, from free to fee to completely custom. Google WordPress Themes and be prepared to lose a couple hours.
  3. Learn how to install WordPress on your sites. ( There is a difference between the free Wordpess and hosted WordPress. You want to have ‘hosted' WordPress sites and not the free ones.  The free ones are only for play. I can help you with the installation. Hopefully, your web hosting has Fantastico or something like it. Then, the installation becomes a two-click operation
  4.  Fix the navigation on and so it is meaningful. Read – Listen – Contact…
  5. Retrofit SpiralSounds and turn it into a WordPress Blog.

As you move forward with this, think in terms of a linked website neighborhood. So far you have three and looking at the fourth. Just from our conversation, I can see a couple more that will reveal themselves in their own time.

Peace and out…

While the small – minded cry “impossible”
the pathfinders of the world calmly pursue their goals
and demonstrate that the impossible was instead inevitable.
-Paramahansa Yogananda