What's a Konakiko?
I had always hoped it would turn into something that is as nonsensical and recognizable as Yahoo or Google, Oh well….

Kiko was a black dog (Chow and Spitz mix) that we found in Texas. He was running down the middle of a busy road with a collar and a leash. After trying to find the owner and then any home for , he sort of adopted us after a bout with ringworms.  Not sure where the name Kiko came from. It just came out one day.

Kona was a black cat that we were taking care of for the local animal shelter while we tried to find him a home. Again, he sort of adopted us. Whenever we took him to the Pet Adoption fairs, he would freeze up. No one ever took him home. We named him Kona after that volcanic black hills outside of Kona, Hawaii.

Both Kona and Kiko are gone now, but their memory lives on as konakiko.com. Pretty much everywhere on the ‘net you see konakiko, that's me, except for this guy who got there first at YouTube. At least he named them after his two pets. Whatya gonna do?

So have a look at my gallery of pictures and if you need a website, did I mention?, You can hire me.