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Pancho’s Blog

Client: Phil Wolinski  | 2009
Website: xSitePro v.2 | Custom Theme
Blog: WordPress 2.8 | Thesis Theme 1.5
Graphics: Photoshop | Xara Extreme

Phil has an extensive collection of high-end lefty guitars. This site was developed to showcase & trade his unique collection of instruments.  This site integrates with a Smugmug photo gallery.

Phil’s original lefty guitar site was developed using xSitePro. The site was upgraded to integrate with a WordPress platform to take advantage of the dynamic nature instead of a static html site.

Phil wanted to be able to maintain the site himself. He is not interested in learning a software package.

As an artist I knew that if I were to design my web site for lefty guitars that it could possibly take many hours, if not weeks, to arrive at an acceptable and appealing graphic layout. I felt that getting online asap was much more important than tweaking fonts, headers, and logos. I trusted Bryan to create my entire website layout so I could focus on putting the business together. His first draft is what was used and I get many nice compliments on the total look and ease of navigation at Pancho’s Leftys. What more could I ask for? More often than not the compliments on the looks of the site are the first things my clients mention. Working with Bryan to make additions or changes in general is pleasant and upbeat. The cherry on top is his budget pleasing affordability. You get the whole package when you enlist his services. I couldn’t be happier and wholeheartedly recommend Bryan to anyone seeking to put their best foot forward when it comes to a web presence. Phil ‘Pancho’ Wolinski, owner of Pancho’s Leftys

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