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All of our services can be billed via our hourly packages. These hourly packages are the best option for you if you don’t fit neatly into our other services.

The hours never expire and they do a rollover from month to month. We track our time closely and you can see a timesheet of your hours at any time.

Choose the number of hours you need, register to submit payment, and we will be in touch shortly about your project/tasks. If you prefer to send us an email before buying hours, you certainly can.

You’ll notice that the more hours you purchase, the better the hourly rate for you.  If you are not sure, it’s always best to buy more hours than you need. There’s no harm in doing so because our hours do not expire. You can also buy one hour at a time.

Hourly Web Services - konakikoUse Hours for these Web Services

  • Website Design & Construction
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Marketing and SEO
  • Social Media
  • Research
  • Training and Tutorials
  • Content & Articles
  • Production Graphics and Photo Placement
  • Video Production and Distribution


Q. Do these hours ever expire?
A. No.

Q. Do you do any work without approval?
A. We only apply hours to work that is mutually agreed upon.

Q. Can I get a refund for unused hours?.
A. Yes, Unused hours may be refunded at the rate for the number of unused hours.

# of HoursService FeeService DescriptionRate/Hour
1 $65.One Hour Web Service$65/hour
10$600.10 Hours of Web Support$60/hour
20$1100.20 Hours of Web Support$55/hour
40$1800.40 Hours of Web Support$50/hour